Monday, March 30, 2015

Ideal Website Typography Increases Transactions

The font of your website can contribute to online sales. Typography enables you to build a website with its own personality, which will aid in educating the user about your product or service. That’s a goal you can achieve with web design experts.

Typography in the realm of web design covers a number of critical elements that your web designer must address to better display the page as you intend it. They include the typeface, font, the length of the text between margins, and character spacing. The size of the font, for one, already affects readability if there’s too little space for the text. For example: a size-12 copy may be readable but the letters may be too cramped, while a size-9 typeface shortens the overall space for the text at the expense of readability.

In many cases, the type of font you use can be a clue to the image you want your site and the content to project while still helping the user read the text. Poor typography in web designs often leave customers baffled about what your business focuses on or what products and services you offer. Most times, people just look at the homepage and want to see everything in one go, even if the page loaded up fast. All the while, they may note something that’s not right in the design and remember it later. Get professional help to make sure your website looks great to read.

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