Thursday, June 11, 2015

Build a Local Client Base Using SEO Techniques

Building a customer base using traditional techniques has become a tougher sell.  Mailers, radio, and TV spots are getting less traction and conversion. Instead, marketers are turning to local SEO techniques to improve sales. In Springfield, there are a number of ways local businesses can take advantage of online tools to increase visibility—and revenues.

Fortunately, the major search engine, Google, is providing more marketing tools to allow channels for local reviews and testimonials on local businesses, among others. Companies can encourage their customers to submit feedback on the Web where users can read them on Google and other search engines.

Additionally, Google maps offer a set of data for most businesses, data that are sorted and made accessible. The data includes the price range, hours, address, and star rating. Results from similar establishments in nearby areas also appear.

According to 
Entrepreneur Magazine, Google will focus on local advertising over the next few years as a driver of growth. The company will integrate the data from varied sources to create a "local algorithm" that will highlight the most popular and useful businesses to local consumers. Similarly, Yahoo and Bing are planning to jump into the local SEO market with similar services. 

Overall, the market for local SEO is growing by leaps and bounds, at the same time that the technology to support this demand is keeping pace. Most importantly, this technology relies on robust data from the content of the companies themselves, so for that reason, the first step to improving local online popularity is to make sure the search engines find enough quality content on your sites.

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