Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mobile-Friendly Web Design in Springfield

Web designers in Springfield understand the importance of creating websites that are mobile-friendly. The World Wide Web has evolved tremendously since its early stages when web pages were designed primarily for desktop browsers. Modern website development must take into account mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It makes sense to create web pages that cater to mobile platforms such as Android and Apple iOS. For example, Apple devices utilize the signature Safari browser. By contrast, most Android phones and tablets include the Google Chrome browser.

Mobile-friendly websites can be successfully created when responsive web design methods are applied. This type of practice focuses on optimizing content for different screen resolutions. Photos, text fonts, videos and other content can be automatically scaled down in proportion to the display technology used by visitors. Whether it's shown on a large computer monitor or a small smartphone touchscreen, a website shouldn't be distorted. 

When a mobile user visits a given domain, there should be an option to view a mobile version or full edition of the website. Modern websites are usually programmed to detect a user's device and automatically load the appropriate edition. Location-based applications may be useful in improving the browsing experience for visitors. For instance, there is technology that can detect a person's physical location via IP address recognition. Additionally, GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets could send out location information directly to a website. Some websites allow users to select their own location and language settings before proceeding to viewing content.

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