Friday, January 23, 2015

How SEO Agencies Build Your Link Strategy

One of the criteria that search engines look at when determining the page ranking for a site is the number of outside links that lead back to the site. Depending on the amount and quality of these links, they can raise or lower a web page's rankings on the search index. For example, If you've got a lot of trusted links going to your site, then your content is considered trustworthy and deserves a higher rank on the search engine's results. The problem with that is you can't build these links on your own – or you could but it would be too slow. Here are some of the tactics that a professional SEO firm would do full-time to increase the links back to your site:

  • Social Media. Everyone's on Facebook nowadays, or has a blog. Links from social media sites are a great boost; an SEO agency would release a viral ad or video and point it to your site. They then stand back and let the natural enthusiasm of people share your links in a natural manner.
  • Organic Development. Creating great content will get people's attention. Similar to a social media campaign but with more weight, an SEO firm would post articles and promotional materials that get influential people to look and listen. When trendsetters and first-adopters talk about your stuff, you're assured of links going back to your site.
  • Directory Linking. There are a lot of industry directories on the Internet. Having a name and profile on them will get you a visit at the very least. It's your SEO team's job to get you on most of them, old and new.

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