Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Different Payment Models for SEO Services

SEO services are a necessity for business owners because it helps them attract more clients from the search engines. You simply cannot afford to ignore SEO services when your competitors are most likely using search engine optimization to rank higher, thus, driving more potential customers to their businesses.

While searching for a good SEO company to handle the search engine optimization for you, there are four main payment models you will encounter:


Prices vary depending on the specific project, so you will have to contact the SEO company for an estimate on how much it will cost. You must know what SEO services you would like done for your website. Examples include assistance with local online marketing, help with social media accounts, and taking care of technical SEO issues that may show up in your Google Analytics.


Some SEO agencies operate on an hourly payment basis just as most employees. Don't be shy about asking the search engine optimizer how long it will take to deliver the particular services you're in need of, so that you have a good idea of the total cost.

Contract Services at Fixed Prices

Most SEO companies offer contract services at fixed prices. A list of SEO services are included in various price points. Look over what comes with each fixed cost to see how many services are relevant for your unique case. If much of what you need is included in the offer, then go for it! But if there's a lot of extra that you don't need, it may be better to search for a project-based or hourly payment model to get the most out of your money.

Monthly Retainer

The most common payment model for SEO services is monthly retainer. Why? It typically provides the highest ROI. Clients on a monthly retainer pay a designated amount every month for a list of services that were agreed upon. A typical monthly retainer usually includes regular analytics reports, keyword research, on-site content improvements, link building, press releases, and optimization.

Although there are four different payment models, you don't have to limit yourself to one! Many website owners order more than one bundle of services. For example, some will purchase a monthly retainer and a contract service for a special project. Make your choice based on what SEO services are a priority for your particular business, and remember that these priorities will change as your business grows.

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